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When Unabux does something by halves, then it really goes all out. Premium trainer socks now complement the product range developed by the ever-diligent ‘underneath’ stylists of Unabux, and also ensure plenty of freshness in slip-ons, trainers and sandals. Anything goes, as long as it’s colourful and matches your pants!
The name Unabux always guarantees confident, tasteful underwear with a kaleidoscope of colours and wild patterns. After stylish boxer shorts and boxer briefs for men and figure-hugging hipsters for women, classic Unabux socks have been adorning men’s and women’s feet for some time. Now we’re introducing a shorter summer variant of the Unabux trainer sock, making every day of the year an Unabux ‘down below’ day.

This version of the Unabux trainer sock is also made from ultra-fine fabrics and boasts unrivalled quality. It offers a perfect fit to keep your little piggies warm and cosy, as well as a shorter cut to ensure your ankle has plenty of fresh air on warm summer days. One thing is now clear: there’s no longer any excuse for grey, faded and boring pants and socks. Unabux has something for every occasion!
To ensure colour, freshness and style are the order of the day at both ends of your trousers, always remember: what’s good enough for your behind is good enough for your tootsies. Unabux belongs in your trousers and on your feet.

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