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UnaBux babysocks - LITTLE TEETH
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Welcome to the adorable universe of UnaBux "LITTLE TEETH" baby socks – the socks that not only wrap around little feet but also sprinkle a generous dose of humor and charm right onto those tiny toes! These unisex tiny wonders aren't just for little boys or girls; they're for all babies who want to take their first steps with a smile. Available in sizes 13-15, 16-18, 19-21, and 22-24 – because good vibes have no size restrictions.

The "LITTLE TEETH" baby socks are not just socks; they're an invitation to a joyful mouse party right on those little feet. The yellow sock canvas is like a sunflower in the meadow, while cute mice in a playful pattern perform their own little dances. These socks aren't just legwear; they're the main attraction in a circus of joy that unfolds with every tiny baby step.

With a material composition of 80% cotton, 17% polyamide, and 3% elastane, the "LITTLE TEETH" socks offer not only a cute look but also a soft and flexible wearing experience that pampers even the most delicate baby paws.

The mouse design on these socks is not just sweet but contagiously cheerful. Every little step is accompanied by the tiny mice, spreading not only good vibes but also encouraging the little explorers to discover the world with a smile – just like the cheeky mice on their socks.

So, why settle for ordinary baby socks when the enchanting UnaBux "LITTLE TEETH" socks are available? Infuse a touch of humor and charm into your little ones' feet, and they'll take their first steps in "LITTLE TEETH" style – with a wide grin!

Color: yellow
Material: cotton spandex polyamide
Product type: Babysocks
Design: stars
Size: 0 - 0,5 1,0 - 2,0 3,0 - 4,5 5,0 - 6,5
production country: Turkey
Composition: 80% Cotton, 17% Polyamid, 3% Elasthan
Produktlabel für Textilerzeugnisse: Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex
Shipping weight: 0,02 kg
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